Publication of Country Risk FAQs

Today the Wolfsberg Group is publishing its FAQs on how to manage Country Risk in the context of Financial Crime Compliance.  Country risk is widely used as a factor in customer risk assessment and was first addressed by the Group in the 2006 Risk Based Approach to Managing Money Laundering Risks.

The Group hopes that these FAQs will contribute to the promotion of a better understanding of country risk, and effective risk management more broadly, across the industry and further the goal of its members to prevent the use of their institutions for criminal purposes.

Wolfsberg FC Country Risk FAQs Mar18

Back Office Consolidation
Controls for New Payment Methods
Credit Cards
DFS 504 Rule
Digital Identity
Future of Surveillance
Models & Methodologies
Negative News Best Practice
Retail Banking
RFI Benchmarking
Role of FCC professional
Source of Wealth/Source of Funds
Tax Transparency
Terrorist Financing and High Risk Charities
Trade Based Money Laundering
Vendor Procurement Due Diligence / ABC Control Framework
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