Wolfsberg Group statement on "Effectiveness" 2019

The Wolfsberg Group are delighted to publish a statement on "Effectiveness" as it relates to AML/CTF programmes. The Group has been discussing this topic internally and with various significant stakeholders, for a number of years and will continue to work collaboratively and within the parameters of regulations and legislation, to improve the effectiveness and outcomes of our AML/CTF programmes. This statement can be accessed from the "Publications-Comment Letters & Statements tab".

Back Office Consolidation
Controls for New Payment Methods
Credit Cards
DFS 504 Rule
Digital Identity
Future of Surveillance
Models & Methodologies
Negative News Best Practice
Retail Banking
RFI Benchmarking
Role of FCC professional
Source of Wealth/Source of Funds
Tax Transparency
Terrorist Financing and High Risk Charities
Trade Based Money Laundering
Vendor Procurement Due Diligence / ABC Control Framework
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